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That game that: nobody likes but me!

That game that! 2 A couple of months ago, I had the pleasure of inviting Adamalons to co-write the first article in this series I'm calling "That game that!". Wherein I, and guests, reflect on that game that... did something. For example, our first entry (found here) was "That game that had the most convoluted story". This time we will be dialing the fun all the way to FIVE! I've gathered a group of four friends from the Backloggery, Eyjabria, Lilith, Rarity Catch Me and Adamalons, alongside myself to bring you: That game that: nobody likes but me! Please enjoy! Watch Dogs: Legion (PC) by Eyjabria A game I like but nobody else seems to is Watch Dogs: Legion. The game hasn't gotten the positive attention it deserves. It's an open-world stealth-action game where you're a member of the DedSec hacker group. The game gives the player a lot of freedom in how to approach missions and even freedom in who they want to play as.

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